About Us

WELCOME TO Guangzhou Kadiya Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

A Promise of Natural Beauty
Our products are a perfect blend of natural ingredients made with love for our clients. We value our clients and will always uphold the trust and faith they have reposed in us.
We reinforce the mantra that beauty and health goals can be achieved together without any compromises on the other.
We take pride in nurturing your skin with our hand-crafted products, specifically formulated with the right balance of nature and chemistry.
Treat your skin problems with the help of professional skin experts and dermatologists behind the brand.
Your face and body need the right balance of love and care that is hidden in the secret formula of Dr.gluta’s ever-so-nourishing skincare products. Let us be your skincare guide in the process.
Organic Products with Zero Side-Effects

The ingredients used in the skincare products come from natural sources to ensure zero side-effects.

We bring an original mixture of organic ingredients combined with the best brains to bring out the best in you.

100% Guaranteed Results

All skincare problems, one-stop solution – DRGLUTA

Scientifically proven and ensuring guaranteed results, we excel in formulating products that are individual-specific and cater to multiple skincare problems.

Scientifically Tested

We test our products before administering them to the market. We do not put the product on shelves unless we get satisfying results. All our products are cruelty-free and do not include any harmful chemical in its promising instant results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prepare the perfect blend of ingredients and formulate products that help clients achieve the best skin of their lives and feel confident again.

Why Choose DRGLUTA?

With years of experience and insurmountable love for skincare, we treat our clients with love and respect what they deserve. We believe in the notion of equality and do not produce color-centric or skin-centric products; rather, we focus on skin problems at large.

Our love for skincare is the reason why we are always struggling to come up with an unified solution that solves skin problems and benefit it at the same time. Nobody should feel less confident due to skin issues, and we aim to offer a helping hand to all in need.

Our passion, love, and commitment to the skincare industry is the reason why you should opt for our products. We visualize to encourage clients of every skin type to feel special again and solve skincare problems that lead to low self-esteem.

Our Brands
Guangzhou Kadiya Biological Technology Co., Ltd is the owner of the Gluta Master and 5D Gluta trademarks. Everything sold in our shop has been developed and designed by us and is not pirated or copied in any way.